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Two Years, Two Weddings, Two Moves, Oh My

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

. . . because life is an adventure.

We moved to the suburbs last year, after thirteen years in a small Colorado mountain town. I wrote a blog about the plethora of choices in the suburbs.

Now, we are moving again. This time to a small town in rural New Mexico. I welcome the slower pace. But the move and the buying and selling of homes might do me in.

At the same time, both of my kids have found the love of their lives. Can’t complain about that.

I’m becoming an expert in things most people do only a few times in their life.

When my daughter announced her engagement, I suggested we purchase magazines with to-do lists and ideas. Hers was a three month engagement. But, magazines are so 1980’s. There’s an app for that. A cell phone contains everything a modern bride needs for wedding planning.

Couples create their own wedding website, thanks to advertisers who want to market to the happy couple. And with an Amazon gift registry, distant relatives can have gifts sent directly without ever touching a piece of wrapping paper or tape.

I mentioned the wedding website to my future daughter in-law, who opted for a six month engagement. She already knew all about it.

I can recite from memory the prices and current trends for cakes, decorations, dresses, flowers, and photography.

At the same time, I’m gaining expertise with moving companies. Which one charges by the hour and which one changes by weight and mile? What kind of snacks and drinks the moving guys prefer. The orange Gatorade remains untouched, in case you were wondering.

The junk hauling service is my new best friend, but don’t tell my husband. I point to an item in the house, no matter how big. Then, a couple of strong young men throw it in a big truck, never to be seen again.

I’m finding that moving requires two steps. First for house staging. Second for the actual move. A potential buyer can’t imagine their new home when it is too full of our junk. House staging has become an art, with my real estate agent scouting model homes for ideas. She says she’ll turn my bedroom into a “romantic retreat.”

And then there is the repair of all of the little things. Each requires a separate contractor. Double pane windows have come unsealed. Electrical outlets need upgrades. Paint that chip in the wall from when we moved in. Fix the front step. All the tasks I’ve put off come back to haunt me.

I’ve met many interesting people. One man came to inspect the water heater and barely spoke. Didn’t even introduce himself at the door, just showed up at the appointed time wearing a shirt with a company logo. A handyman talked so much he barely had time to work. So many looks and personalities, so many characters for my novels.

So many experiences to feed my writer’s brain. A few of which will show up in future blogs and fiction.

Yes. Life’s an adventure.

That’s what I tell myself when it all overwhelms me, and I want to hide in the closet with a novel.

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