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Princess For A Day

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I have weddings on the brain. My daughter married in August and my son will marry in May. Two weddings within a year. I only have two kids. Of course, I’ll write a blog about weddings.

Princess for a day. That was me when I married. Like ladies in waiting in a novel, my bridesmaids dressed me and catered to me. Even my mother gave into my whims.

When my soon-to-be daughter-in-law and her mother went to see the wedding dress restoration lady, I invited myself along. The restoration lady commented that wedding dress styles haven’t changed much since the last royal wedding, that of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. She expects styles to change soon, when Prince Harry marries. Perhaps because every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day.

That comment took me on a time trip.

I married a month and a half before Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Everyone said, “You look just like Sarah Ferguson.” Princess for a Day. But I had imagined more of a Disney princess than a modern-day princess.

My son is getting married a few days after another royal couple. His fiancé is lucky that wedding dress trends won’t have time to change before her wedding.

Most grooms aren’t as interested in being a prince for a day. I took my husband to be measured for his father-of-the-groom suit. Most of the customers at the tux shop wore jeans and T-shirts. Some wore camo and baseball caps. I doubt wearing a tux is a dream come true.

The tux shop had a color matching chart that looked surprisingly like the paint department at the hardware store. Apparently, they understand their customers.

Cake tasting has to be one of the groom’s favorite activities. My son loves cake. No one cared about the taste of the cake when I married. It was all about the carefully crafted frosting roses and the fountain with colored water underneath.

Now it is all about the taste. Naked cakes with real flowers are all the rage. I asked the baker if it was sanitary to put real flowers on the cake. Eeeew.

No bugs on my daughter’s cake. It was lovely. I’m sure my son’s cake will be lovely and bug-free as well.

Do real princess brides create the cake trends too?

I Googled Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding cake. No live flowers there. The description says “elaborate gum paste flowers”, whatever those are. No naked cake either. Fondant. Looks pretty, but tastes terrible.

And the royal cake was fruitcake. Fruitcake!

An eighty-thousand-dollar fruitcake. No wonder they were auctioning off pieces.

Apparently, Pintrest reigns when it comes to wedding cakes.

My daughter loved cake tasting. She wants to take her husband to a bakery and claim to be engaged so she can do cake tasting again. I told her to just buy a fancy cupcake, but what’s the fun in that?

Cake tasting is part of being princess for a day. And doesn’t every bride want to be a princess? Without the fruitcake, of course.

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