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Photos That Prove Big City People Are NOT More Sophisticated

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

T.V. and movies portray city dwellers as cultured and educated. Articles, like this one in Popular Science, support this stereotype. I’m guessing their authors live in large metropolitan areas, biasing their opinions. Just a hunch.

I recently visited my daughter in Philadelphia and put this theory to the test. I saw some odd things that appeared to be art. For example, ceramic ornaments cover this signpost. Most seem to have the word Art. What’s that about?

Here is something that looks like a windsock, but it won’t do any good frozen in position like that. It’s either a windsock or a sideways traffic cone. Either way, not very art-worthy.

Skyscraper architects get in on the art game too. The Comcast tower is designed to look like a USB drive. What happens when new technology replaces the USB? Do they have to redesign the tower?

Some strange sights come out of necessity, like this giant wad of fiber optics in the alley. Here is the installation guy walking along the fence tops to add another connection. (That picture isn’t great because I was taking it out the window on the sly).

With such a large population, I would expect everything to be bigger in the city—kind of like Texas. In downtown Philly, I visited the tiniest Target store ever. Apparently, all the big stores are in the suburbs where it’s cheaper to build. Here is a shot of the entire pet section. The only thing in abundance is odor and stain eliminator for carpet. Is it that difficult to get the pets out of the skyscrapers in time to use the potty?

Speaking of pets. Here, someone has set their pup up for sidewalk computer work. Either that or the dog is planning to watch some Netflix. It’s the only explanation I can think of.

And, don’t let your dog burst through one of those screen doors. They are second-story doors that lead to nowhere. Maybe it has something to do with a zombie apocalypse? The tiered patio on the left is pretty fabulous, though.

I love playing tourist in the city. We went to the observation deck at the top of the Liberty One Tower. The view is great. Ifyou get bored, you can play board games while you linger. Seriously? Why pay to visit a tourist attraction and then ignore the view for a game of checkers?

On the other hand, I won’t complain about the Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I waited in line for a photo. Too bad I left my boxing gloves at home.

I loved visiting the city, but I’m glad to be home where the locals can explain to me why old satellite dishes are painted like Native American baskets, and tourists can snap a photo of their car under the flaming Route 66 sign.

Perhaps sophistication is in the eye of the beholder, but you can’t convince me city dwellers are more cultured. I have photographic evidence they aren’t.

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