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Abducted By Aliens – A Visit to Roswell, NM

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I wasn’t actually abducted by aliens, but I did visit the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico. An adventure that threw me into another world . . . An alien world.

Any business that caters to tourists gets into the act. The gas stations and travel plazas all sell UFO shirts and alien tattoos.

I found this license plate at a travel plaza hundreds of miles from Roswell. Everyone wants to make a buck.

The cute downtown area near the museum is decked out for alien-viewing tourists—even barbershops and vitamin stores.

The museum presents itself as a serious endeavor, although the full adult admission price is only $5. I suppose that says something.

The sign upon entering the museum says that there are no artifacts or official documents associated with the crash.


How can you have a museum without artifacts or documents? Isn’t that what a museum is?

In that regard, it’s like a Bigfoot museum I once visited. A friend, who lives in Seattle, Washington, assures me that people there take Sasquatch very seriously.

The same sign blames the government for he lack of evidence. Everything was hidden away in Area 51. Until now, I thought Area 51 was in Roswell. It’s not even in New Mexico. It’s in Nevada. So hard to keep my alien lore straight.

What could they possibly put in a museum without artifacts or documents?

First, there is some radio equipment from the 1940s, to set the mood.

Then there are beautiful signs and pictures of people giving their first-hand account of the night of July 2, 1947. I guess this is why July 2nd is considered World Alien Day, a fact unearthed by my daughter as a teenager. Apparently, the first-hand accounts aren’t official documents.

To create ambiance, a life-sized alien display, complete with Star Wars music, sits in the center of the museum.

Exhibits reminiscent of 1950’s alien movies lined the walls. They showed what things might have looked like.

Then I got to the scientific section that showed pictures of actual UFO’s and hoaxes. Signs explained what was used to create the hoaxes. Others couldn’t be explained. The evidence almost had me questioning my disbelief in aliens.

But when I got to the alien abduction section, with details of every claimed incident, my disbelief firmly stood its ground. I would have pasted a picture here, but it is too creepy.

As I headed back to my car, I could have stopped at any number of alien-themed gift shops or a place to take green screen photos with aliens.

I picked up a coffee at a little shop with a toned-down alien theme. Here is a picture of their bathroom art. You know me and bathroom art.

I wasn’t really abducted by aliens, but I certainly had a good dose of alien lore. Would I do it again? Absolutely. I love immersing myself in different cultures for a bit of fun.

Who knows where I’ll stop next?

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